Ahh, the peace and pure quiet of living in a tiny, rural community.  All I can ever hear are the waves lapping up against the beach and the pine trees shaking in the wind…..Oh dear, I nearly forgot something: the sounds of ATVs buzzing around town….

It turns out that when you are in town proper, it is not the silent place that I envisioned it to be.  While we may not have the sirens and ambulances that NYC dwellers can not sleep without, it would be highly inaccurate to call this a place without noise.  During the days and during the evenings there is plenty of action and movement happening in town.

As I walk around town, I see people on ATVs (the kids simply call them Hondas- having known no other type of Honda in their lives) heading out to the tundra to pick berries. Other folks are driving to the store to get food and supplies for their household.  Still more are driving their Hondas so that they can go visit with friend or family in a house on the other side of town.  On occasion I’ll see  a Honda coming back into town after a hunting trip; carrying with it either a heavy load of dissappointment or a prideful piece of meat.  I would not be surprised if you told me that every household has at least one ATV. We may not drive cars here, but there sure is a convenient and efficient way to get around.

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  1. Dad
    August 25, 2008

    Have you learned to drive a Honda yet?

  2. Anna
    August 27, 2008

    dear diary… today i made a snow man.
    I’m becomming addicted to your blog. i miss you! xoxox anna

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