The Hazards Of Living Alone

So I know that you all want to hear more about my town, my job, and the people I’m meeting, but I also want to make sure you know the important things happening in my life. Today, the important thing was the can opener.

Six of my boxes finally came today, including my boxes with all my kitchen utensils. After being at work all day and then coaching cross country I came home starving and was really excited that I now had a can opener to open a can of beans and make a burrito for dinner. For the past week I had been subsisting on plain tortillas, cheese, plain pasta, and raspberry jelly as those were the first things to arrive from Anchorage. The idea of eating a real meal was sooo enticing. I threw things out of one of my boxes and grabbed the can opener triumphantly- the key to a full meal. But then I tried to open the can….

Fifteen minutes later, I had a can that was visibly poked and prodded, but the beans were still inaccessible. Ah, if only I had a roommate- they are usually really good at helping out in these situations. Lacking a roommate and not wanting to bother my neighbors, I googled “how to use a can opener” and found a very helpful youtube video that explained the use of this particular can opener. (It’s one of the no sharp edges ones) I tried doing what the video explained, but to no avail. So, I abandoned all hope and just ate last night’s cold macaroni with ketchup. Tomorrow I will either become the master of this can opener, or I will go to the store and get a new one. I still really want those beans and that burrito!

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  1. Dad
    August 14, 2008

    The sharp wheel goes on top. The geared wheel goes on bottom. You rotate in a backwards direction, I.E. the can opener moves in the direction the handle is pointing. Best I can do remotely.

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