Today, I discovered how humungously handy Yak-Traks can be! Last weekend, we had a major storm here. Last Saturday, I couldn’t even see my next door neighbor’s apartment building that is 6 feet away from my window! Needless to say, Saturday was spent cuddled up inside reading, watching V for Vendetta, and cooking. Emerging on Sunday to make my trek to school, I found that the storm had coated the hill that I live on with a sheet of sheer ice.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I walked back and forth multiple times each day. Walk is perhaps a word that gives too much credit to my movements. To be honest, I stumbled unassuradley, the way a young child tumbles across a room with some falls to get to their destination. By Thursday night, I stomped my foot down and shouted (to my cat, as I currently live alone!) I’m sick of this! I relinquish the fear that is holding me back!

This morning, I donned my yak-traks and walked to school without fear of falling and breaking my hip on the ice. My biggest accomplishment all week! The best part, I didn’t even buy the yaktrax myself, the district got them for us!


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  1. Jan Sogge aunt
    February 2, 2009

    Good to know they work. After our last ice/snow storm and slipping my way from the parking lot to my classroom 6 times (1/4 mile) I bought a pair but haven’t had the chance to use them.

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