Cinnamon Roll Episode 4

Another cinnamon roll?

You betcha!!!

Kristin, a friend of mine from college, grew up in Soldotna, AK. When we realized we were going through Soldotna on our way to Homer, we called her up.

“Oh, you’ll be here around breakfast time. Alright, then I tell you what we have to do. Sal’s, downtown Soldotna. It is THE place for breakfast around here.” Kristin said when we called her up.

No problem for us. I sure know that Kyle is always a lot happier after he eats his bacon in the morning.

When we got to Sal’s and looked at the menu we got really excited! Another gigantic cinnamon roll! We just had to get it.  Even when very full, a cinnamon roll connosseur does not turn one down.

“Happy are you?” Kyle asked in a Yoda-esque voice as I was eating my portion.

“The force is strong with these ones,” I replied, channelling my best Obi Wan Kenobe.

“Huh?”  Kyle asked.

“They’re yummy!” I said with with a smile.



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  1. Susan ("Kyle's Mom")
    July 29, 2009

    This entry made me chuckle! All this talk of cinnamon rolls has me craving them ….. hummm …. I can make those. Naww … easier to go to the bakery shop downtown. Yum!!

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