There just so happens to be a town in Alaska named North Pole. If you have a globe handy, I’d suggest the following activity. Put your finger on the top of your globe, right at the North Pole. Now, with your other hand, spin the globe and look for Alaska. You will find that while Alaska is wicked far north, none of it actually touches the North Pole. Disappointing, I know, but the town of North Pole is real. It’s actually right outside of Fairbanks. Who knew!

And the other real thing about the town of North Pole, it’s really where Santa lives!  He even lives there in the summer (for some reason I had always pictured Santa vacationing in Florida on his off season).  How do I know he’s real? I got to tug his beard to make sure he wasn’t just some guy dressing up. And he let me sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas!  He even checked and found my name on his list, he said that I had been very nice this year and would get lots of presents. Boy, I was giddy like a little kid when he told me that! Only 153 more days until Christmas!


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  1. Lauren
    August 10, 2009

    Oh yeah- Thanks for the postcard! I hope for your sake that Santa was right!

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