Wall Drug

South Dakota. I can describe the majority of the state in a few simple words: flat, cows, hot.

Over 400 miles of flat landscape, with not too much to look at or too much to do.

But billboards! Oh the billboards. Hundreds and hundreds of billboards. Suprisingly, most of them for the same thing: Wall Drug.

“Free Ice Water.”

“5 cent coffee”



and many, many, many signs in the essence of “Wall Drug 354 miles away.”

When we finally saw the signs that said Wall Drug, 5 miles away, we knew we had to stop. How could we not? We had seen so many signs for it! We had to see what the hype was all about.

And there we were, tourists trapped in Wall, South Dakota. Lots of tacky little shops designed to make you buy tacky things.

The funĀ  part though! They had a backyard area with lots of photo taking opportunities. Where else can you ride a Jackalope???





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