Kyle & Thunder Cook Breakfast

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, Kyle cooks a big breakfast: bacon, hash browns, and eggs.  The cooking is usually a pretty lonely affair for Kyle; on weekend mornings I’m usually either still in bed or groggily sitting on the couch.  Conversation that Kyle tries to make with me is usually met with grunts and grumbles –it takes some time after I wake up to form words!  So usually Kyle just cooks by himself.

Well, not anymore!  Unlike me, Thunder is full of energy in the mornings.  So yesterday, while Kyle cooked breakfast, he got some much wanted company. Thunder stood in the kitchen, eyeing every move, but never once lunging to steal the food.  Thunder was happy to have someone nearby who would occasionally pet him, and Kyle was happy to have someone nearby who was awake and full of energy. Thunder’s reward for being such a good dog? A little bit of bacon in his bowl at the end of breakfast!




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