Christmas Morning

After following Santa on NORAD all Christmas Eve, we woke up Christmas morning to find that he had arrived in Koyuk. How he got in, we do not know, as we don’t have a fireplace. Maybe he came in through the radiator?
Under the tree was a plethora of presents. Kyle and I both looked at it like giddy little children.  Having Christmas in a new place made the whole holiday seem new and this feeling helped spark the childlike excitement.
First, we opened our stockings. I was pleased to find gold coins in both of our stockings, just like I always used to get as a kid.  After opening stockings, it was time for the best part of the morning: breakfast!  Here, we had many traditions to choose from. In Kyle’s family fruit salad and cinnamon rolls are the important parts of Christmas morning breakfast. In my family it is always pancakes or waffles topped with fruit and whipped cream.  After staying up until 2am Christmas Eve making dough for cinnamon rolls, I woke up the next morning groggy and not in the mood to cook. Looking at the two trays of cinnamon rolls plus the gigantic bowl of fruit salad I decided that it was a little absurd to try and fit the pancakes into our bellies as well.  But never fear, the pancakes and fruit shall make an appearance on New Years Day for breakfast.
Once we were happily stuffed, it was time to open presents.  We were each thrilled with all of our presents, it seemed like our minds had been read and various Santas (parents, Grandma, etc) got us *exactly* what we wanted!  From our new Kitchenaid to our Wii Fit, we got things that will make our life together even more fun.
Kyle put a bit of a twist on one of his presents to me. He gave me a beautiful new jewelry box, but when I went to open it I found that the box was locked. Kyle feigned ignorance and pretended that there was something wrong with the box. Lo and behold, for my last present he gave me a tiny box that had a key in it. When I opened the box, I found a gorgeous new watch (see picture below)! But I wasn’t the only one surprised on Christmas morning. As Kyle’s last present I handed him a heavy box. He looked puzzled, “What could this be? You have already given me seal skin gloves and a watch? I have no idea what this is.”  He was shocked and thrilled to find that I gave him an Xbox.
While we both felt tremendous amounts of joy while opening our presents, there was one who was perhaps even happier than us. As discarded boxes and wrapping paper piled up on the floor Toes happily jumped in them and had the time of her life!










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  1. g'ma lu
    January 8, 2010

    Please send me a copy of the picutre of Kyle with the scarf on AND a picture of you. By email ok

  2. Susan ("Kyle's Mom")
    January 12, 2010

    I love how you and Kyle took traditions from both families and blended them together to begin your own Christmas traditions!

    Your cinnamon rolls look yummy and the fruit salad “just like the one Mom makes”. Guess who’s cooking the next time you and Kyle are home? 🙂

    Love the photos of Kyle, but where are the ones of you and all your presents?

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