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On Saturday morning, while I was still sound asleep in bed, the phone rang. The parent of one of our students left a message, wondering if his glasses had been fixed yet (Apparently Kyle is the glasses fixing expert in town). When Kyle called him back a little bit later he said that one of his daughters would be over in a little bit and would be bringing a bird along with her.

Getting off the phone, Kyle remarked, “You know, I used to just give my teachers a mug at the end of the year to show that I appreciated them.”

The night before, at graduation, the same parent came up to us and thanked us profusely for helping his oldest daughter graduate and his younger daughters have a successful year in school. It sure feels nice to be appreciated.

After the birds were dropped off I was then in a quandary, “Well, what in the world do I do with a goose and a duck?”

First, I cleared out a large space in the fridge for the garbage bag that held both the birds. Then, I pulled out my Cooking Alaskan cookbook and perused the section on game birds. I was very nervous about picking a good recipe because the last two times I have made game birds the results have been disasterous. In fall, Kyle caught a crane and I then attempted to make crane soup by boiling it in a pot with rice for a few hours. At dinner time I dished out a foul smelling mush. When we gave the leftover (unedible) crane soup to Thunder he kept us up for a whole night needing to go outside (need I say more?). Subsequent to that incident, I attempted to cook a duck that Kyle shot. Needless to say, this was another unsuccessful attempt. As you can imagine, I was quite anxious about cooking up the goose. After flipping through the cookbook anxiously I finally settled on a recipe that roasted the goose with an apple and bread crumb stuffing inside.

After I stuffed the bird, I sewed up the body cavity, and stuck it in the oven. Two hours later I returned from my run to find a succulent smelling kitchen. I tested the bird with a meat thermometer, 170 degrees, all was well. I then pulled it out of the oven and tried a tiny slice of it. “Wow!” I exclaimed to Kyle, “It’s actually really really good!”

Finally, I was successful at cooking a bird! Wahoo!

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  1. Mom
    May 18, 2010

    So nice of the parents to think of you ……
    Still can ‘t believe your transformation from your vegetarian days!!!!!!!!

  2. May 27, 2010

    So funny and classic :0) Great end to the school year! Are you pumped for summer?

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