Christmas Eve Snowshoe

The day before Christmas is always a very busy one for us. There are presents to be wrapped, cinnamon rolls to be made, food prepared for our Christmas Eve dinner, etc.  This year an additional activity was added: snowshoeing!

As I set the various bread doughs to rise on the counter, I did some mental calculations (“Ok, I can do the sweet potatoes when we get back, the bread rises for this amount of time, etc”) and realized that I could abandon the kitchen for a good hour and get outside.  We had just recently gotten about a foot of fresh powdery snow so snowshoeing was deemed the appropriate activity.

Vicki and I headed up a hill that rises behind town and affords great views of the ocean and mountains that surround our village.  It didn’t take long for us to begin praising the virtues of our snowshoes. Thunder, incredibly excited to take the lead, sunk in up to his neck on each step that he took! We were glad to not suffer a similar fate.

Eventually we reached the top of the hill, just in time for sunset.  With the wind wipping across the bare tundra we quickly took our pictures of the beautiful sunset and headed back to the trail lined with trees.  Then we happily headed back to the house to continue the Christmas cooking extravaganza.

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  1. Mom
    January 1, 2011

    Every day is an adventure in Koyuk!!! Love to see the pictures and hear about life in Koyuk!

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