Happy Thanksgiving!


For some reason, memories of the past few Thanksgivings we have had together have blended together in my mind and become indistinguishable for each other. So, for the record, highlights of this Thanksgiving:

  • The most moist turkey we have ever made (Possible reason, giving it lots of time to defrost in fridge)
  • Stuffing. The Sage stuffing was far better than the Chicken flavored stuffing we’ve had to use in the past.
  • Super smooth creamy sweet potatoes
  • The flakiest homemade pie crust ever- thank you Mark Bittman!
  • The most delicious Pumpkin Pie filling we’ve ever had- thank you Mark Bittman once again! Way better than the recipe on the can!
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  1. Erika's Mom
    November 26, 2011

    With the exception of the snowy view out the window, this looks just like Thanksgiving in the lower 48!

  2. Susan Schneider
    November 26, 2011

    The “Flying Turkey” …. the tradition lives on! Erika, are those your fried green beens with almonds?? Will you make some for us the next time you are home … mine just don’t turn out as good as yours.

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