Thunder knows what snowpants mean. Whenever he sees me put them on he thinks, “Oooh, it’s time to go out! I’ll go wait by the door.” Snowpants usually mean that we’re about to go out for a walk or a ski, so he gets pretty excited when he notices that I’ve got them on.

This past weekend was no exception. As soon as I put snowpants on Thunder came to the door wagging his tail, excited to go outside. However, when we got outside Thunder immediately bolted for the door to come back inside.

“No Thunder. You need to go to the bathroom, you can’t go inside yet,” I told him.

When he looked at me, it’s as if he said, “You want me to go outside and do my business in this weather? You’ve got to be kidding me! We were in the middle of the

our second (maybe even third, I’ve lost count…) winter storm warning of the season. Snow was blowing like crazy, reducing visibility to less than ¼ of a mile. The wind was plopping the fluffy snow down into drifts that were taller than Thunder. All Thunder wanted to do was go back inside and curl up on his bed next to his toys, but knowing that he hadn’t been out in hours I lead him for a short walk around the building.

As we walked around the building we went towards Thunder’s yard. Thunder was sniffing the ground and looking around far more than he usually does. At one point he even refused to keep walking and turned around to drag me away.

“What’s up Thunder?” I asked (BTW- Totally normal to talk to a dog out loud)

Then I lifted my head, faced the wind blowing in my eyes, and saw why he was so confused.

“Oh, your house is missing.That explains why you are acting odd.” I told him. “It’s ok Thunder, it’s just buried by some snow drifts, we’ll dig it out for you.”  I tried to reassure him.

I don’t think my assurances did much, he was still pulling to get back inside. However, when the storm abated and Kyle dug out his house Thunder was quite happy being back outside!

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  1. Erika's Mom
    December 10, 2011

    You know when it is too snowy for the sled dog it is really really brutal!

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