Grilling in the Winter

Throughout the summer and early fall I subjected Kyle to many new salmon recipes. Sadly, many didn’t get blogged here because the combination of a new job and graduate coursework left little extra time, but each recipe was carefully evaluated. We easily concluded that the best way to eat salmon involves some recipe where it is grilled.

Coming to this conclusion on a warm, sunny fall afternoon I asked Kyle, “Well, what are we going to do in the winter when we can’t grill outside?

“Oh, don’t worry. I love this grill so much that I will grill all winter. I will even grill when it’s -20 outside!” Kyle proclaimed.

Tonight, I put Kyle’s proclamation to the test. As I was about to go out snowshoeing I asked Kyle, “Hey, can we grill some salmon for dinner tonight?”

Without a moment’s hesitation he agreed.

All the cajoling that I had mentally prepared wasn’t needed after all! Of course, it may help that today was a balmy 33 degrees instead of -20, but still, I was impressed!

The three inches of fresh snow that had fallen today were no barrier for the fearless griller! Kyle dragged the grill across the snow, lit it, and then proceeded to shovel the walkways around the house while the grill was warming up. Although determining in the dark night whether the salmon was fully cooked was a tad difficult, the only real casualty of this was some burnt skin, so no real loss there. The salmon that we ate was absolutely delicious (See Salmon Recipe #7). Hooray for winter grilling!

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