Odd Pregnancy Craving

Throughout this pregnancy friends have been asking, “So what foods have you been craving?”

For nearly the entire nine months my response has been, “I haven’t had any cravings.”

After months without cravings, I finally started to have an insatiable desire. Starting in mid-December, all I could think about was how nice it would feel to go swimming. Stuck in Dillingham without a pool, I tried to take baths to satisfy the craving, but this didn’t even come close to working. In fact, it just made me think even more about how much I wanted to swim.

Upon arriving in Anchorage one of the first things I did was get a pass to the gym. Gym pass in hand, I was nearly ready to jump into the pool. But first, I had to acquire a swimsuit. I expected that I would not find a specialized maternity swimsuit, but that somewhere in the city of Anchorage I would find something that would work.

I started at Target. Nothing. Then I walked across the icy parking lot into Walmart. I searched for a bathing suit in the sporting goods section and the women’s clothing section. Not finding anything, I asked an employee. The lady looked at me like I was crazy- I guess not too many people are looking for a bathing suit in the middle of the Alaskan winter.

Defeated, I went home and searched for one on Amazon. After I ordered it, it showed that it wouldn’t be shipped for another week. When I called Kyle in tears, he was really worried that something majorly wrong had happened. After a moment of listening, he calmly recognized this as a hormonal pregnancy cry and reassured me that the gym probably would not mind if I swam in shorts and a tshirt. Not wanting to resort to this, the next day I made one last ditch effort, the maternity store at the mall.

I was in luck, they had four different styles of maternity bathing suits! I quickly found the one that fit, purchased it, and headed straight for the gym. After weeks of experiencing this craving, I was finally satisfied. Since then, I’ve been swimming or going to aqua aerobics class at least every other day and it has been wonderful!

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