Board Games For The Win

On cold winter nights in rural Alaska there isn’t that much to do. With the exception of weekend high school basketball games, we have to make our own entertainment. For us, this often means having friends over for dinner.

Unfortunately, on cold winter nights in rural Alaska there isn’t that much to talk about. We want to enjoy our time with friends who have diverse views, so we avoid all conversation about politics.  We are friends with many colleagues, but we don’t want the dinner conversation to sound like a meeting, so we avoid conversation about work. We certainly find other topics (books, movies, new recipes, etc.) to discuss, but there is a limit to this as well.

Enter: board games, for the win.

We will often play a board game with friends after our meal. It provides some great entertainment and is a wonderful way to enjoy our time with friends. In the middle of the winter, especially when the temperature is in the negatives, it is easy to get cooped up and bored. Board games provide a great way to break up the monotony of dark winter nights.

We originally started with just Settlers of Catan and Taboo, but have branched out significantly since then. Some of our favorite games of the moment are New York 1901, Forbidden Islands, and Pandemic. We have also really enjoyed Killer Bunnies, Bohnanza, and Ticket to Ride. Although we don’t do games as frequently anymore, they’re still something we love to do when we get time.


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