The Joys of Potholes

This spring the potholes in Dillingham were horrendous. On the main road into town there were potholes that Yukon could easily have stretched out in.  The road right by the school was a disaster. Each afternoon I watched from my classroom window as the grader attempted to repair it. Each morning as Kyle drove me to school I worried that my water would break as we drove over all the bumps. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one bothered -there were long angry Facebook discussions about the state of the roads in town as well.

As annoyed as I was, when we got to Anchorage to wait for the baby to arrive, it felt like something was missing. Each day as we got Will dressed for our outdoor walk we asked ourselves, “Boots or sneakers?” Overwhelmingly the answer was sneakers. Even when it had rained the night before the roads and the trail were dry enough for shoes. This was a different situation for us. At home in Dillingham boots are the default. So much so that when we got to Anchorage we realized that Will had snow boots and rain boots, but no sneakers for his current size!

In the month that we were in Anchorage there were many things I missed about Dillingham. I expected to miss our house, the dogs, my friends. I had not expected to miss the potholes.

Now that we are back home we are taking advantage of the rain to splash, stomp, and jump in all the potholes on our road.

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