Mmm, someone else cooking dinner for me!  A rare rare treat for me as I live alone in an apartment in the arctic wilds of Alaska. Getting to eat dinner with the whole community, instead of just my cat Chihiro, a wonderful indulgence.  I’m thinking we should have back-to-school/open house/potluck night more often! Fantastic of course to eat dinner with the parents and grandparents of my students.

Oh, and the food that community members contributed! That moose tongue and heart soup that Ellen* brought was unbelievable. Every bite of meat was so tender and flavorful.  Quite generous of her to bring the best parts of the animal to our potluck.  After filling myself with the delicious main course, dessert was brought out. Finally, my chance to try agutak, or Eskimo ice cream as it is commonly known!  After a month of mystery about what agutak actually is, the secrets were finally discovered.  Berries (fresh from the surrounding tundra), sugar, and crisco.  A little bit different from the ice cream that I’m used to, but delicious nonetheless.

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