Kids say the funniest things

My last period class today had me rolling on the floor laughing:

Student M: “Erika, have you tried caribou and moose?”

Erika: “No, not yet.”

Student M: “Are you vegetation?”

Erika: “Are you asking me if I”m a plant???”

Student M: “Ohhh… I mean….”

Erika: “No, I’m not vegetarian”


Student J: Hey Erika, why are we at war with Iraq anyways?

Erika: Well, let’s see if I can tell the short story of this…

Student D: Oh, I know, I know!

Erika: Ok, go ahead and explain.

Student D: Well, it’s because they bombed Pearl Harbor! (Says this very confidently!)

Erika: *hangs head*

Student M: Wait, isn’t Pearl Harbor in Alaska?

Student H: Yah, yah! It’s by those islands, down south you know…

Erika: *sigh*

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  1. Jan Sogge aunt
    October 11, 2008

    So it goes. Most of my high school age students don’t know the seasons we have in Washington State. Some know “fall” but not autumn. I wonder are we not teaching this, are the students not paying attention and what about the parents part in all this.

  2. October 12, 2008

    Hey, most of my students here in Japan don’t know “fall”.

    Well. Most of my students in 1-4th grade. 5-9th, most of them know fall, and in 7,8,9th, they know autumn, too!

    And it’s not even their first language. Maybe that makes it easier, hm…

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