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When you think of mascots, you probably think of sports teams or places like Disney World.  You probably do not think of a mall. Well, I’m here to report that the Mall of America is big enough to warrant having its own mascot. Yes, the picture below is us at the Mall of America. I thought about just taking pictures in front of stores, but a picture of me at the Gap or Payless Shoes, could be at just about any mall in America. And that’s the thing with the Mall of America…it really is just like every other mall. It certainly has all the same stores you would find at 5th Ave in Anchorage or Providence Place. But sometimes, it has two of the same store.  I think we might have even passed by three separate Bath and Body Works in the same building!

While in general the stores are the same as other malls, there are a few unique stores in the mall. Kyle was fawning over sets at the Lego Store, while I drooled over dolls at the American Girl store. (Does anyone else remember how great those books were? I always wanted some of the dolls too!)

So,  yes, there are a lot of stores, some unique ones even. But my goodnesss, this is the biggest mall in the world, what’s really so special about it? The answer lies in the middle of the mall where they have created a huge amusement park with rollercoasters, ferris wheels, flume log rides, and carousels. Any mall that you can fit an amusement park into mut be HUGE!

(And, for the record- I managed to make it out of this huge mall without spending a penny!)


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