Bridal Veil Falls

Or first official stop  in Canada (not counting the border crossing) was at a Provincial Park called Bridal Veil Falls. Having been in the car for a few hours we were ready to get out for a walk.  As we got out, we wondered how the Canadians run their park system. Was Provincial Park like a state park or like a national park?  Really, I think we were wondering how many other people we would see along the way. Far too often this summer, other visitors have gotten in the way of a nice scenic view!

Bridal Veil Falls was definitely a scenic view. The falls were over a hundred feet tall and it was lovely to just watch the water trickle down the rocks.  The smell of the lush temperate rainforest that surrounded us also added to the experience.

One of the nicest parts about the falls was that we had them to ourselves. A few other people passed by while we took them in, but there was not a lingering crowd of tourists. The falls could be enjoyed in their naturfal, secluded state.

[FYI: A Provincial Park is more like a state park. There are National Parks in Canada as well.]


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