Chainsaw Carvings

Chetwynd, British Columbia is the Chainsaw Carving Capital of the World!!!

What feat does a town have to do to receive this worthy and noble title? Host a renowned chainsaw carving competittion apparently.  We unfortunately were not there for the carving competition, but we were able to see the fruits of their labors.

Everywhere you look in downtown Chetwynd, there are chainsaw carvings. When we went to the visitor center to get our map of the chainsaw carvings the kind lady informed us that there were over 80 carvings at various points throughout the town!  There are your traditional bears and eagles of course, but there are also incredibly unique ones such as Odin- the Norse figure, and a coal miner on his lunch break.  The amount of small detail that you can actually carve with a chainsaw is quite incredible.  Definitely an enjoyable stop on an otherwise uneventful day.


Chetwynd, British Columbia- Chainsaw Carving Capital of the World








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