Minter Gardens

After deciding that a trip to downtown Vancouver was fairly out of the way, I sadly realized that we would not be able to go to the famous Butchart Gardens. I distinctly remember going to those gardens when I was twelve years old and was awestruck by how beautiful they were  Although the Butchart Gardens were out, I conventiently found out that there were other show gardens conveniently en route! A decision was made, a stop to Minter Gardens would be had.

When I announced this early on the morning we were leaving Seattle Kyle groaned. His nose and sinuses had just recovered from the visit to the farm two days earlier. And now, I was going to assault him with pollen again?! After promising that I would dope him up on Benadryl if need be, he agreed to go to the gardens with me.

As luck would have it, it rained that entire day.  Well, at least the rain was lucky for Kyle, it kept him from sneezing throughout the garden trip. Although, as you will see in the pictures below, the rain was not so lucky for my hair, I had a full on frizz attack!

The rain was lucky in one other way, the gardens were deserted! Even though the front desk had umbrellas that visitors could borrow for free, apparently it is not a popular destination in the rain. We literally had the entire gardens completely to ourselves for the full time we were there. This allowed us to enjoy the quiet beauty of the flowers even more.

“Neato!” we said at the beginning of our walk when we encountered a bed of flowers arranged to look like the Canadian flag.

“Golly!” we said when we came across a statue of a peacock’s body with a tail of flowers draping behind it.

“Wowsers!” we said as we walked under a bridge that had vines and ivy hanging from it.

“Stunning!” we said as we walked through the rose garden.

“Spiffy!” we said at the various waterfalls throughout the park.

“Gadzooks!” we said when we came across a lady that was made from flowers.

“That was great!” we said as we climbed back into the car and continued to drive north.








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