First Annual Best Road Trip Breakfast Awards

In honor of the Fourth of July, but mainly because strawberries and blueberries are in season, Aunt Jan made blintzes for breakfast when we stayed with her in Olympia, Washington.  I have no hesitations in saying that this may have been the best breakfast that we had on the trip. Although there are some close runers up…. And now, without further ado, I present the First Annual Best Road Trip Breakfast Awards!

1. Blintzes with strawberries and blueberries on the 4th of July in Olympia, Washington.
Ricotta filled, thin pancakes, with fresh fruit. Aunt Jan is definitely an expert cook. Yum!
2. The cinnamon roll at Smitty’s Restaurant in Moab, Utah
Good choice Vicki. This thing literally covered a 12 inch dinner plate. Oooh, and it was at least three inches tall too. Every inch of the plate was filled with sugary, cinnamon gooeyness.  The texture of the cinnamon roll was perfect, it was cooked entirely through (sometimes the center is still doughy at some places!).  And none of it had the hard, tough, or chewy crust that sometimes develops on other cinnamon rolls. Evenly divided amongst three people, all were stuffed to the brim by the end.
3. Seasoned Potatoes at Vicki’s Kitchen in Houghton, Michigan.
I can not give you a good gustatory description here, but I can tell you that the seasonings used on these potatoes are the best I’ve had. The fact that they are winners on this list should say enough about the taste.

Hopefully more good food to come throughout Canada and Alaska! Suggestions welcomed.


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