A note to readers- particularly dedicated ones (Hi Mom, Hi Kyle’s Mom!).

The posts on this blog are not in chronological order. As you may be able to tell from recent posts- we did not jump from the Badlands, South Dakota to Seattle in just one day. It takes a bit of time to write about each place and upload pictures, so the posts are haphazard and out of order. All well…

In other news, we’re currently in Prince George, British Columbia. About half a week more in Canada, and then we’re back to Alaska.

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  1. Susan ("Kyle's Mom")
    July 9, 2009

    Hi Erika! Pssst …. you might want to add Kyle’s Dad to the list of “dedicated readers”. I quite often hear, “Does Erika have any new posts?” or “Anything new from Erika?” Seriously, we are truly enjoying reading about your adventure across the US and now through Canada. Your posts are both informative and entertaining. We’ll read ‘um as long as you keep ‘um coming. Enjoy your journey. : )

  2. July 19, 2009

    PS: I am a dedicated reader too!

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