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Labor Day weekend- our first weekend of freedom after beginning the new school year, the last hurrah for summer, a perfect chance to get outdoors- turned out to be rainy dismally rainy and cold out. With plans for camping cancelled, Karis and I decided that we needed to deal with the weather and have fun indoors. We began our afternoon with an epic game of Star Wars Wii.  During the first level of the game Karis and I killed each other with lightsabers more than we killed the enemies that we were supposed to be fighting off!  Woops!  But after we got through the first level our teamwork improved which enabled us to fend off the evil storm troopers. All was well until we got to level four where the task at hand was a race around a track. Karis and I sat there, intensely concentrating, for at least half an hour, as we struggled to drive without crashing. Eventually, Karis won the race and we decided that it was time for a break.

“Oh, wow, it’s 4pm already,” Karis noted. “Hey, we should have a snack!” she exclaimed.

“Sure,” I replied.  But then after thinking for a moment added, “We don’t have any snack foods though, I refuse to buy them because they’re so expensive.”

“Hmm, we could make something?” Karis asked.

So I grabbed the Small Batch Baking cookbook that my aunt had given me last year and we flipped through to find a recipe. After perusing the whole book we decided to make a cookie that resembled a thin mint.  Once all the ingredients were combined, Karis read the next step out loud to me, “Roll dough into a three to four inch log, wrap in saran wrap, and refridgerate for an hour.” I proceeded to do exactly as she told me. All of a sudden I looked down at the dough, burst into laughter, and blurted out to Karis, “Do you see what this looks like!”   Karis immediately saw the resemblence and began roaring with laughter. A minute later, Kyle walked in to the house to find me collapsed on the floor from laughing so much. He began to ask, “What’s going….” and then saw the cookies and started chuckling as well.

Eventually, Karis and I recovered from our laughing fits and finished making the cookies. The log was sliced, the round cookies were baked, and the frosting was made.  It was time to eat. Chomping in to the first cookie, Karis said, “Well, I’m glad these don’t taste like what they looked like earlier. And actually, the recipe was accurate, they do taste like thin mints.”

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