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“Hey, hun can we stop at this visitor center in Watson Lake to use the bathrooms? Oh, and if they have a picnic table maybe we can eat our lunch there?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Kyle said.

“Welcome to the Yukon!” greeted the enthusiastic woman at the visitor center. “What can I help you with?” she asked.

“Are you still doing that Yukon passport program?” I questioned. When we drove through two years ago we got a “passport” booklet that we got stamped at each of our stops in the Yukon. I used a number of these pages in my scrapbooking so was hoping to get another one for this summer’s scrapbook.

“Oh, absolutely!” she said. “And here, there’s some booklets you can take for your trip through the Yukon.”

“Actually,” I interrupted, “we’re heading South, we just finished driving through the Yukon, although we will be back through later this summer on our way back to Alaska.”

“Well then,” she said as she opened her drawer of brochures, “Here’s a mile by mile guide that will take you south.”

“Perfect,” I responded.

“Now, if you need to fill up gas in town, here’s the place you should go for the best price. And if you aren’t going to fill up here you should fill up…” she then proceeded to explain the best place to stop further on and warned us against filling up in one particular town where the gas was super expensive.

“Wow! Thanks!” I said, honestly excited that she was helping us find cheaper gas. Many visitor centers will give you brochures, but to guide us to inexpensive gas, that was going above and beyond.

Glancing at my ring, she asked “Are you newlyweds?”

“No, but we will be soon,” I explained to her.

“Well, congratulations!” she ebulliently replied. Smiling, she then asked “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“We’re about to stop for lunch, is there somewhere nice we can picnic?” I asked.

“Certainly! Just a few miles out of town is a park on a lake that has hardly any bugs and has nice picnic tables.”

“Great,” I said as I headed out.

When we got to the picnic spot it was indeed gorgeous. As we sat down to eat our sandwiches (tortillas, turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and Italian dressing- in case you were curious.) I remarked to Kyle, “You know, I think the visitor centers in theYukon are the nicest ones we’ve been to.”

“What about British Columbia? They have free wireless at all their visitor centers.” Kyle queried.

“Sure, that’s true. And BC’s buildings are nice, but the people in the Yukon are just soo friendly and helpful!” I insisted.

“You know, I think you’re right,” responded Kyle, “The Yukon Territory does have the nicest people and best visitor centers.”

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