West Edmonton Mall





West Edmonton Mall

“Argh! I have nothing to wear!” I complain some mornings as I’m getting ready for work.

Whenever I say this Kyle looks in my closet, sighs, and says “I just don’t understand. How can you have a full closet and not have anything to wear?”

While he did not express the sentiment after our visit to the West Edmonton Mall I would not be surprised if a similar thought crossed his mind. I know that I at least thought to myself, “Wow, here we are in the largest mall in North America, bigger than even the Mall of America, and I can’t find any clothes to buy! What’s wrong with me?”

Even though we didn’t buy anything in the West Edmonton Mall it was really fun to walk around. Inside the mall there’s a whole waterpark, a life-size replica of the Santa Maria (Christopher Columbus’s ship), an ice rink, and even a mini golf course! Walking around this enormous mall was definitely a good break on a long driving day.

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  1. Mom
    June 11, 2011

    That is the prettiest swimming pool I have ever seen!

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