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After the initial congratulations and excitement wore off from finding out that Sarah & Scott were pregnant, an idea began to trickle into my head. I have a beloved baby blanket knitted for my by my grandma. “Ooh, I could do a baby blanket for their baby,” I said to myself. Sure, I’m not the baby’s grandma, but just having a blanket knitted by a relative should be fairly nice. So, grandma sent me skeins of yarn and a pattern (Have I ever mentioned how awesome both my grandmas are?). After procrastinating in the fall, I decided I really needed to get going on it during Christmas break.  After modifying the pattern to make it a little easier I began.

Let me just say that we watched a lot of movies this winter!  Kyle and I find picking movies together quite difficult, he prefers action while I might as well use a mood ring to determine my preferences because they change so often.  Despite the challenges in actually deciding on a movie, once we had decided on a movie we settled in to watch as I knit the blanket. This is how the majority of the blanket got done.

With the baby due in just a few weeks, I decided to buckle down and finish the blanket over our spring break. Unfortunately, this is when all my plans unravelled. I’m still not exactly sure what I did, but I majorly screwed up the blanket. To make matters worse, I didn’t realize my error until I had added a significant number of rows to the blanket. I believe that there may have been tears at this point… I procrastinated for a few days out of utter frustration, then finally called Heather, a fellow knitter, in for a consultation. Heather helped me rip out the offending rows and figured out what I had done wrong.  She saved the day! From there I knitted on until I finally finished the blanket and then sent it along to my new niece.  I definitely enjoyed the project, but have decided that my next project will be a nice, small simple one.

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