Moving stinks. Sure, it’s exciting to be going someplace new, but the actual physical process of getting all your stuff from Point A to Point B really stinks. When you live in a village where the only way to get things in and out is by mail moving really stinks. You can’t just throw stuff in a box and be done with it. Things have to be packed so that they won’t break. But you also have to fit as much as possible in a box because each box costs money. It’s not like you can pile all the boxes in the moving truck and pay one flat fee.

So, moving stinks. But, moving stinks a lot less when you have a Kyle arround.  If you asked me to put items in a box I would put them in any old way. If you ask Kyle to put the same items in a box he would magically see a way that they all fit together so that nothing gets jostled. He would even manage to fit them together in a way that leaves room for even more items as well. Needless to say, Kyle packed our boxes for our move. He dutifully vacuum packed our clothes and blankets. He managed to squeeze some of my shoes into the cake holder and also fit the pull up bar in the same box! The only real trouble came when Thunder insisted that it wasn’t time to pack his toys yet.

After packing things Kyle also did most of the work of hauling the totes to the post office. As you can see, this is also quite a feat. Apparently in the past few years we had accumulated just a bit of stuff… But, Kyle got it all packed up and mailed out. So a big kudos to him!!!

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