The Reality of Traveling With Toddlers

This afternoon we went on a canal tour of Copenhagen. I really enjoyed looking at the architecture- some really neat modern Danish buildings such as the Opera House, alongside old buildings such as the King’s Brewery where they brewed beer for the soldiers. Will sat in Kyle’s lap and enjoyed most of the tour. He was fascinated when we went under the low bridges and he enjoyed looking at the boats.

Unfortunately, Will is not the greatest at sitting still, even under the best of circumstances. After about half an hour on the boat he started to squirm. We pacified him with some snacks. Then, with about fifteen minutes to go, Will started to absolutely lose it. He was shouting (with the pacifier in his mouth), flailing about, pulling hair, etc. We rank tantrums like metereologists rank hurricanes, this was a level 5. In the midst of the tantrum we realized that part of the issue was a poopy diaper, but there wasn’t anything we could do about that until we disembarked. Kyle bore the brunt of the tantrum and my sister-in-law Sarah helped as well. Sitting next to the edge of the boat, I was pretty useless. 

Eventually, we got to the dock. We ran over to a secluded corner of the dock (far from the water) and threw down our changing mat. After questioning why I had given him figs the day before, we finally got him changed. Then, as we put him into the stroller we were in the receiving end of a level four. It’s really hard to strap a toddler in when they are pretending to be a board. 

We then met up with Scott and Sarah, Kyle’s brother and his wife. They asked whether we should do dinner at a restaurant close by. I explained that Will wouldn’t be able to wait in a restaurant without another meltdown. Scott pointed out that there was a McDonalds a block away. When we got there Sarah fought the crowds and emerged five minutes later with a bag of 20 chicken nuggets. I handed one to Will and the tension in his face and body melted away. Six chicken nuggets later our happy baby was back. 

I had always wondered why people would go to a McDonalds when they are traveling and there are so many other foods to try. Now I know, sometimes quick fast food is just what you need.

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