Last June, Kyle, Will, and I went to Hawaii with his family. We were using an app to share photos with close family. Little did we know, the app actually posted when we changed locations as well. As soon as we landed on Kauai it broadcasted the information. Shortly after that my mom texted me, “Can’t wait to see pictures!”

Now let’s be clear here. She didn’t want pictures of the beautiful landscapes or of us relaxing on the beach, she wanted pictures of Will.

After settling into the house we did a Costco run to stock the house with food. Costco had fresh Hawaiian pineapples for $2 each. We picked up a bunch of these.

When we returned to the house Kyle captured a great picture of the pineapple on the lanai. He posted it to our family. We laughed as we posted it, “How long until Mom complains that it’s not a picture of Will?”

Two minutes later I got a notification. My mom had commented, wanting a picture of Will.

I will let the pictures tell the story from here…

Although we had said that it was the last pineapple, they had become a thing. We were all enjoying the good-hearted teasing. We left Hawaii, but over the next few months we continued the pineapple postings.

My brother went to Myrtle Beach:

We got some baby food for Will:

Kyle’s mom made pancakes with pineapple syrup:

After my tropical birthday party we gave Will some pineapple decorations:

The joke has continued for a year now. My brother came over a few days before his wedding with Kyle’s groomsman’s gear:

I laughed and laughed, what a great way to continue the joke.

Mom’s birthday is coming up next week, any ideas for a good pineapple gift?

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  1. Susan Schneider
    July 3, 2017

    This post brought so many great and fun memories!! ✨🍍✨

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